Frequently Asked Questions

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Abandoned Property (gift certificates and stored value cards)

ADA Questions General

ADA Questions Lodging

Age of Room Rental

Alcohol Delivered to the Room

B&B Fire Codes

Bad Check

Bloodborne Pathogens

Child Labor Laws - Hours

Credit Card Numbers on Receipts

Credit Card Info

Denial of Lodging

DOL Compliance

Drinking in Public

Ejection of Guests

Employee Meals

EMV Chip & Pin

Exempt from Sales Tax

Exempt Employees

Green Restaurant and Lodging Certification Program

i-9 USCIS Employment Eligibility Verification Form

Labor Posters

Liquor Licensing

Maine Food Code

Menu Advisory Statement

Menu Labeling - What you need to know

Minimum Wage

Music Licensing



Pesticide Application - Rule Change effective 1-1-07 

Rest Breaks - 30 minute requirements

Retail Seafood Dealer License Application
(Required of restaurants that sell clams, quahogs, mussels, oysters, or cooked lobsters)

Sales Tax - As applicable to the purchases a restaurant makes

Service Animals 

Serving Alcohol

Tip Credit - Credit to Employer (Form 8846)

Tip Credit - Public Law 367 (An Act to Clarify the Use of Tips in Payment of Service Employees)

Work Permits

Teen Work Hours

Tip Reporting


Required Permit \ license list