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126th Maine Legislature Bill Watch
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This is a list of the legislative issues the Maine Restaurant Association is watching:


LR # LD# Sponsor   Subject
1880   Alfond   Expand liquor distribution
1883   Alfond   Promote small breweries and wineries
1160  1607 Ayotte   An Act To Make an Employee Who Sells Alcoholic Beverages or Tobacco to a Minor Responsible for Paying the Fine
35  592 Beavers   An Act To Amend the Laws Dealing with the Purchase of Wine Online
36  554 Beavers  
Resolve, Requiring the Department of Economic and Community Development To Market the Positive Attributes of the State of Maine
1362  608 Beck  
An Act To Assist Maine Businesses Paying Taxes on Spirits
1763   Bennett   Viewing Platforms support tourism
1365  395 Berry  
An Act To Provide Tax Fairness to Small Businesses in the State
1920   Berry   Streamline liquor l;aws for small establishments
1935       Act to promote Maine Beverages
1936       Tax fairness for middle class and working families
1064  421 Black   Prohibit unauthorized harvesting of wild mushrooms
1292   Cain   Employment leave for victims of violence
1779   Carey   Change definition of Brand in Liquor law
1011   Cassidy   Protect employee social media privacy
1669   Chapman   Exempt certain locally grown food from regulation
1095  401 Chase   An Act To Provide Local Sales Tax Increment Disbursements
1794   Chenette   Promote ecotourism public access points
1943   Chipman   Tax fairness
1981       Recycling of beverage containers
1811   Dill   Promote alcohol safety
288   Evangelos   Increase Minimum Wage
289  185     An Act To Increase the Discount Rate on Alcoholic Beverages Sold by Agency Liquor Stores
1249   Farnsworth   Raise tobacco tax
1017   Fredette   bond rto upgrade community colleges
749   Gerzofsky   repeal employer restriction on employees firearms in vehicles
750       concealed weapons in certain locations
1905   Gideon   Local sales tax
81 15 Gilbert   Liquor sales at 5:00 am on Sunday
1284   Goodall   Clarify on premise liquopr licensing
1859       strengthen wholesale liquor business
1733   Graham   Brestfeeding employees
314   Gratwick   Equalize tobacco tax
915       off premise licensee to dispense malt liquor in sealed refillable containers
60   Hamann   Minimum wage adjusted to CPI
917       Adjust min wage to inflation
578   Haskell   Reduce wine labels required for tasting
1399   Hayes   Require retailers to collect sales tax on internet sales
864   Hickman   Increase lodging tax
1870   hickman   Maine food policy council
892       Local foods in state institutions
624   hobbins   Extend Sunday liquor hours when St. Pat's day falls on Sunday
681   Johnson   Information regarding food
1513   Katz   Increase monetary limit on cribbage
1466   Kent   Assist small business
737   Kumiega   Small scale poultry farminmg
1978   lajoie   Fire escapes for certain blgdgs
655   Langley   CTE Curriculum issues
1531   Libby   BETR
1642   Lockman   Pass through CC and Debit card fees
1078   MacDonald BB   Equity in taxation of food items
425   MacDonald OOB   Local option revenue enhancement
1380   Malaby Hancock   Promote tourism
717   Mason andros   Exempt walmart as campground
1353   McCabe   Sale of microbrews at farmers markets
20   McClellan   Social media privacy in scjhool and work
1132   Millett   Child obesity
1908   Moonen   Local Option tax
611   Morrison   Enforce crosswalks
814   Patrick   All lodging places to be licensed
924   Rykerson   Sales Tax Holiday in January
1112   Schneck   Repeal Pump handle brand requirement
1162   Sirocki   Revise wild mushroom program
963   Theriault   Sales tax increase
857   Thibodeau   Unemploym,ent compensation fairness
411   Thomas   Salaries of non profit employees disclosure
303   Tuttle   Elevators and ambulance stretchers
1034       Water Tax
1424       Liquor signage
1716       Increase tasting events
1822       Workers comp self insurance
1862   Verow   Definition of innkeeper

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